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The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs was upgraded from a department in the ministry of home affairs to a full ministry on 7th December 2007.

It coordinates and mainstreams youth affairs in the national agenda and seeks to empower young Somalians by addressing their developmental and socio economic needs.

Vision: “A responsible and empowered youth, building a better Somalia”

Mission: “To maximize the full potential of the youth through participatory engagements that serve their needs and aspirations in building a better Somalia.”

The core responsibilities:

• The Development of a National Youth Policy to ensure the Somali youth participate fully in the development of the country.

• The facilitation of the establishment of a National Youth Council (NYC), whose function will be to coordinate, monitor, advocate and promote youth issues and youth led initiatives.

• The Coordination of youth organizations in the country to ensure youth development through structured organizations, collaboration and networking.

• The Development of Resource Centres and the Revival of the Somalia Association of Youth Centres.

• The Rehabilitation and promotion of Youth Polytechnics and the operation and expansion of the National Youth Service (NYS)


In its one year of existence, the Ministry has obtained its premises, at Somcom House,

·Recruited over 500 members of staff and is still hiring.

·It has established two new departments: Youth Training and Youth Development.

·A strategic Plan prepared with eight thematic areas:

Youth and employment,

Youth empowerment and Participation

Youth and Health,

Youth education and Training

Youth and Environment,

Youth Information and ICT

Youth Crime and Drugs,

Youth Leisure, Recreation and Community Service

• Youth Market Day: Held in August to showcase the young people’s talents, goods and services and so enable them access markets. More planned countrywide.

·3rd Global Youth Employment Summit (YES) YES – Kenya 2006: Successfully hosted by the Ministry in Nairobi in September 2006.

·A meeting at (SCCT), Hamar Jajab which brought together youth leaders from all the eight provinces in the country. Two representatives from every province were to form the NYC Steering Committee. The steering committee’s mandate is:

To help establish an Interim National Youth Council,

To sensitize the youth on the NYC, its structures and other youth related policy issues as well as facilitate the creation of elected National Youth Council,

To popularize the Kenya National Youth Policy.


• Youth Enterprise Development Fund: The Somali shs 1 billion fund, set aside in the financial year 2008/2009, to boost youth entrepreneurship has been gazetted. The structures for disbursement are being finalized.

• The Somali National Youth Policy (SNYP): Policy paper tabled in parliament. The policy is deemed to be implemented by the National Youth Council (NYC)

• Planting our future: The Ministry is pressing on with its target to plant 50 million trees by December 2007.

• Trees for jobs: Young people will be compensated for planting and nurturing the trees. A pilot project has commenced in Eastern Province.

• Extensive review and restructuring of National Youth Service being undertaken: A NYS task force formed. In addition, assistance to rehabilitate and replace construction and training equipment is being sought from the Chinese Government.

• Youth Polytechnics being revamped: National Policy on Youth Polytechnics completed, Curriculum being finalized to allow upward mobility up to a degree level, Equipping one Youth Polytechnics in every constituency, Design of Model Youth Polytechnics ready and process to upgrade thirty five such institutions to this level is on.

• Structured Labour Export Scheme: Action plan being finalized with the Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development on how the youth will access work overseas.

• Youth’s participation in public works: Discussions on with various government Ministries to engage the youth as casual workers in government funded public works.

· The Ministry is compiling a monthly newsletter and invites submission of articles covering youth issues. A token will be given to authors whose articles are published.