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Office of Somali Gpvernmental Communications & Contracts has submitted this Proposal Thursday, September 16, 2010 8:35:25 PM  

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Activity description
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Activity 1
e.g. training course for local women councillors

Activity 2
e.g. voters education campaign targeted at youth

Activity 3
e.g. development of advocacy/outreach materials (DVDs, brochures etc.)

Activity 4
e.g. meeting of stakeholders to provide recommendations on measures to empower youth

Activity 5
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Activity 6
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Total Project Costs (TPC) $120000
Monitoring and Evaluation, Executing Agency fee (10 % of the TPC capped at 25,000 USD for CSOP projects) 2 * Please refer to the Fourth Round Project Proposal Guidelines,section 5.8, for additional details on how to calculate this amount.
Total Requested Grant Amount 3 * $240000

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Professional project personnel (national and international employees) and consultants. Administrative personnel and other staff costs
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Travel and per diem (meals and accommodation) for project management team.
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Contractual services
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Training & Workshops
rental of premises, refreshments, banners, public address systems, interpretation, travel, hotels and meals, resources, including human resources
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Meetings & Seminars
Rental of premises, refreshments, banners, public address systems, interpretation, travel, hotels and meals, resources, including human resources
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Study Tours
rental of premises, refreshments, banners, public address systems, interpretation, travel, hotels and meals, resources, including human resources
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Project Equipment/Hardware
IT equipment, project support equipment (e.g. TV, radio equipment, printer)
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publications, pamphlet, brochures, print material, websites
Amount in US$
stationery, communications, postage, courier plus fuel, insurance, maintenance contracts, rentals, utilities
Amount in US$
Audit 4
certification of reports on the use of funds by an independent auditor/accountant
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Other Amount in US$
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Total Project Costs (TPC) $147500
Monitoring and Evaluation, Executing Agency fee (10 % of the TPC capped at 25,000 USD for CSOP projects) 2 * Please refer to the Fourth Round Project Proposal Guidelines,section 5.8, for additional details on how to calculate this amount.
Total Requested Grant Amount 3 * $172500
1- In the budget by activities, the project implementation costs (salaries, travel etc.) should be built-in
2- For additional details (e.g. on the type of inputs, or on the manner to calculate the M&E component) please refer to the Fourth Round Project Proposal Guidelines available on the UNDEF website
3- The total grant amounts of the budgets by activity and by inputs should be the same and correspond to the grant amount requested in section 2 and can not exceed USD500,000.
4- Audit costs apply only to CSOP projects as in CSOP+EA projects the costs are covered in the EA fee

6. Commitments

Commitments Applicants are required to tick all boxes
  Develop a Project by the established deadline following the UNDEF Fourth Round Project Document Guidelines
  Abide by the "UNDEF Branding and Visibility Rules" in all activities and products of the project if it were to be awarded a grant.
  Provide narrative mid-term and final progress reports (that will include a participatory feedback process involving all key programme stakeholders), annual audited or certified financial statements and ensure or participate in appropriate project evaluation as per the established M&E norms contained in the Project Proposal Guidelines and UNDEF Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Guidelines.
  Take all necessary measures to facilitate evaluations or audits as and when required by UNDEF or a third party on its behalf.

The Applicant CSO/NGO does not intend to provide any type of support for any member, affiliate or representative of an organisation that recommends or is apologetic of the use of violent means in political action in general and of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations in particular, as stated in the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document (§81).
  As per ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31 on consultative relationship, as well as the UNDPI criteria for associated NGOs, the Applicant CSO/NGO's aims and purposes are in conformity with the spirit, purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
  The CSO/NGO is duly constituted nationally or internationally.
  The CSO/NGO has statutes/by-laws providing for a transparent process of decision making, elections of officers and members of the Board; the CSO has authority to speak for its members through its authorized representatives identified above



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TO: World Bank

The World Bank
1818 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20433 USA
tel: (202) 473-1000
fax: (202) 477-6391


RE:sgov/042/09 05/13/09

Dear Sir/Madam:


Subject: Proposal for Somali Governmental ICT Funding


The Office of the Somali Governmental Communications and Contratcts is hereby officially apply to the World Bank for the funding of the Information and Communication Technology Project of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Somalia, which has been lack of efficient and budgetary ICT capabilities.

This proposal is for the ICT funding is the first and the only community and governmental recovery project, which the Government of Somalia is currently trying to get funding availibility from the World Bank becuase the ICT project has the potential networking and will provide updated information throughout the nation that the government can easily and quickly reach the people everwhere they are.


Project Name: ICT Developmental Recovery and Modernization for Somalia

Project Location: 1 Villa Somalia, Mogadishu and the rest of the Country

Project Directors:

1. Dr. Badal Kariye, Directory of the Office of the Somali Governmental Communications and Contratcs, North America Office

2. Dr. Hussein Hassan Jibril, Mogadishu Office

3. Dr. Fosia Sheikh Mohamed, Somali Minister of Family Planning and Children, Mogadishu



This project is to develope and maintian well-equiped ICT and media state of the Art communication for the Government of Somalia that has not had any ICT strategies or developmental policies since internet and other communications began into the third world. The ICT project of the Government of Somalia began without funding and budget in 2000, and has been maintaining stable and focused mission, which make sure that Somalia is primier than counties in the horn of Africa.This ICT project will also train media personnel in Somalia who do not have sufficient knowlegde in journalistic equipement usage and implemention.


Project Sustainibility

This ICT Governmental Project is scheduled for a year with 50 personnel in Somalia and around the globe, and will require in the near future for further budgetary assistance from the international community if the Government of Somalia can not cover up its budget.


Overview of the Governmental ICT Budget

Staff Salary
50 x 300 = 150,00 monthly
150,00 x 12 = 180,000 annaully

Information Technology Capability, Design, Digital archive and Implementation Budget
8333.333333 monthly
= 100,000 annually

Governmental Websites Budget
Ministrial Websites
36 x 70 = 2520 monthly
2520 x 12 = 30240 annaully

Parastatal Websites
15 x 20 = 300 monthly
300 x 12 = 3600 annually

IT Security Budget
400 x 12 = 4800 monthly
4800 x 12= 57,600 annaully

Email Accounts Budget

10000 x 3 = 30,000 monthly
30000 x 12 = 360,000 annaully

Personnel Identification Cards, Replacement and Renewal Budget

= 10,000 monthly
=10,0000 x 12 =120,000 annaully

Personnel Travel Budget
= 150,00 monthly
= 180,000 annually

Fridge Benefits
=10,000 x 12 monthly

=10,000 x 12 = 120,000

General Media Equipments & Repairs

= 20,000 monthly

= 240000 annually

Estimate Grand Total 1000,000

Extra Estimate can be 1200,000


Funds cab be directered to the Office of the Somali President or Office of the Somali Governmental Communications and Contracts


1. Account Number# 3418491506

Wells Fargo, Minneapolis MN


2. Account Number # 9852476125

TCF Bank, Minneapolis MN


The Government of the Democratic Republic of Somalia is pleased to submit this ICT Developemental Recovery and Modernization for Somalia to the World Bank, and the Unted States Government for urgent funding.


Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Badal W. Kariye BA, BSIT, MA, MBA & PhD

Director of the Office of the Somali Governmental Communications and Contracts

North America

24th Street Suite B #217

Minneapolis, MN 55454

Tel: 612-9865395

Fax: 6128741144

Email: webmaster@somaligov.net




Mogadishu Office

1 Villa Somalia

The Democratic Republic of Somalia

Email: webmaster@somaligov.net